Photography & design are two passions that brought us together in the early stages of our relationship.  Many of our early dates included walks through Huntley Meadows Park capturing wildlife at every turn. We still enjoy our special times in nature and taking pictures, and are thankful for the skills we developed along the way. Taking pictures of foxes and birds in the wild has given us the ability to react quickly with our cameras and to not take for granted the opportunities we have in the moment. 

    We’re both Virginia born and bred; Daryl has lived in the transitional Northern Virginia area his entire life, while Erin’s roots are a few hours south in the star city of Roanoke. We’ve been married since June, 2017 and welcomed our first child, Stella Anne, on January 16, 2019. When we’re not taking pictures or designing websites, you can find us running our computer repair shop, mobile music studio, volunteering at our church, or hanging out with our four guinea pigs

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